Super tired, will fill this in in the morning!

Ok, here we go!  Despite being super tired when I uploaded the comic last night, I ended up only sleeping for an hour.  Somehow over the last two days I’ve only been able to sleep four hours total so I’m in definite zombie mode right now: eyes glazed over, kind of light-headed, balance all wonky, etc.

Not a super duper feeling.  Hopefully I’ll get some sleep in during the weekend.


Rich and my’s Dragon Quest VIII run continues and all I have to say is this:


BINGO.  There’s a casino in one of the towns that we came across that features a bingo game.  Scratch that, the bingo game.  If you want a high-flying, action-packed, sweaty-anticipation bingo game, this is the bingo game for you.

We played a lot of bingo.


It’s fun to type.