The first time I dropped a rock on a Korok, total accident.

The other eight-billion times?

…not that much of an accident.

I’m going to be in New Jersey for work this weekend, so I won’t be able to stream Friday night unfortunately.  For the most part, I’ve had some difficulty streaming regularly on Fridays, so I think other than the comic-streams on Wednesdays all other streaming will be of the impromptu variety.

Usually will play games once I get home from work!

Speaking of which, I started an FF8 run this weekend and I am somehow blown away by how much fun I’m having.  It’s weird, I’ve played it a not-insignificant number of times in the past, but for some reason it’s an absolute breath of fresh air.  After RE7 and BotW, I think I was ready for something I was totally familiar with.

Gosh, FF8 is silly fun.