Final Fantasy 8 run… in the books!

Particularly fun about this one was that we took down Omega weapon, which I’m pretty sure I’ve never done before.  It took a while, but oh man was it satisfying when Omega… disintegrated?  He kind of disintegrated after the fight.

Tough luck for Omega.

Side note mini-story that I thought was pretty funny.  I met up with my mom and sister for lunch on Sunday and some gym stuff came up.  Jackie (sister Jackie) was suggesting some different machines, said something to the effect of, “basically anything that looks like it’ll work out your butt.”

This prompted me to say, “Are you saying my butt isn’t fantastic.”

Jackie let the thought breath for a second, then she came back in an epic-ly deadpan, “If you want your butt to be more fantastic, you should do it.”

Game, set, match: Jackie.