Ok, let’s talk about movies and corny things.  I love movies.  I love corny things.  I’m not entirely sure which one of those things I love more, but I can say this for certain, when I see a corny movie, I don’t usually like it.

The movie, Sing, however… oh my gosh I loved it.

I was at Rich’s the other week and while waiting for him to get back from work, I happened to catch the first twenty minutes of it while Lima and NameRedacted had it on.  I thought it was a little silly but liked it enough to make a mental note to watch the rest in the future.

Tuesday night I did just that and man oh man is this movie a treat.  It’s silly, it’s corny, it has a pretty thin plot made even thinner due to the fact that the principal cast is pretty huge and everyone needs to have their own moments…

…but it’s so much fun.  

Not just fun in that the music is great and varied enough to keep the audience from getting bored, but fun in that I cared about the characters so much that all of their victories became my victories; watching them have a blast singing popular songs and seeing their pride in watching their peers perform was essentially the most feel-good-y feelgood experience ever.

Folks were apparently comparing this movie negative to Zootopia based on the fact that they both have big cities of anthropomorphic animals… but these movies are nothing alike at all in terms of narrative and tone.  Zootopia is a story, Sing is a spectacle.

Is Zootopia the superior movie?  Absolutely.  That said, comparing the two is pointless; Sing is all about silly fun and I mean that in the best way possible.