Like many of these posts written around midnight, I am a very tired and sleepy Alex.  We were just playing through Bioshock Infinite on Twitch, and while I’m pretty sure I’m past the halfway point, I’m even more sure that I’m more likely to fall asleep before the end of the game than I am to get… to… the end of the game.

That doesn’t feel worded properly, but again, I’m sleepy so I have no idea.

A note on Bioshock Infinite, however.  I do recall really liking the game the first time I played it, and I’m loving it the second time as well.  BI might have the single best mix of visuals/music/mood out of any game ever.  Seriously, this game just oozes style and tone.

That might be tired Alex talking, but I get the feeling that well-rested Alex might feel the same way.

Seriously, Bioshock Infinite is pretty stellar and everyone should play it.

You might be thinking, “why is Alex talking about Bioshock when the strip is a Wind Waker one?”

Well… I dunno, but Bioshock Infinite is great.