So our Camp’s Color War just ended last night and I was too tired to get anything together, my apologies.  That said, I’ll be back in the city next week so things will be back to the regular schedule, including streaming!

Our Color War this year absolutely had it all:

  • The newly minted best banner in the history of camp by the Blue team (Blue Piranhas)
  • The newly minted best mascot design in the history of camp (Golden T-Rex)
  • The funniest team song ever (Gold)
  • The closest Apache Relay ever (the race took over an hour and fifteen minutes, the teams finished within 2 seconds of each other)

…and to be a sappy sapperton, this Color War had the best sportsmanship I’ve ever seen.  Absolutely great, never seen a better CW before.

There was also a midnight break, which was super cool!