Yes, I went to the DMV yesterday.  No, I did not watch Doomfist videos while some guy looked over my shoulder.

That said, I was watching some Doomfist strategy videos while at the gym and found it incredibly hard to contain my amusement as the commentator said multiple variations of “fisting” in a totally deadpan tone.

I mean, I get it, Doomfist has a big fist that he uses to hit people, so folks are like, “man, he really fisted him hard right there” or “he got that fist to connect real deep.”

These things are objectively funny.  Listening to someone say, absolutely seriously, “fisting” over and over is humorous.


Other notes, lady next to me in the line at the DMV, I don’t want to talk to you.  I have headphones on for a reason.  I don’t hate you or anything, but I’m there (as is everyone else) to renew a license or whatever.  We all just want to get the heck out of there, not make small talk with strangers.