Totally my new hobby: watching downloads go by and running speed tests over and over and over.

I happened to finish NieR Automata this weekend, which kind of surprised me due to the fact that I had no idea I was close to the end of the game.  With some sidequests completed in addition to the main campaign, the whole thing took about ten hours.

…on a first playthrough…

…of a $60 game.

That’s… kind of unacceptably short.  Like, I thought the game was great and all and it appears as though there’s some narrative shake-ups in the new game plus, but… ten hours?  That’s it?

2B and 9S were really fun too get to know and see develop, but outside of them I don’t even know like, what the hell happened in the story.  There were some bad guys who did generic bad things but… I think there was supposed to be more going on.

It was almost as if they ran out of time and just decided to release an incomplete game.

Hopefully the NG+ has some good value.