This was more or less the exact thought process I had while seeing a commercial for the new Marvel vs Capcom game.  At the gym, on the treadmill, watching some Overwatch videos, it popped up on my phone.

I’ve never bought one of these games and am generally terrible at fighting games, but it felt extra silly that the commercial was trying to pitch some storyline featuring both “universes.”

…universes doesn’t really make sense anyway; it’s not like the Capcom universe is all one big thing.  Like, I don’t think Street Fighter and Mega Man are in the same universe, right?


Anyway, here I was thinking it was super silly and I’d never even want to play it, but then Chris and Nemesis showed up and I was all like, “weeeeeeeeeeelllllll I do like Resident Evil, that looks like it could be fun.”

I’m a sucker, folks.

A sucker for camp-y horror games.