Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a good game, I’m enjoying it immensely.  The characters are fun and endearing, and even the lamest of the principal cast is tolerable instead of the usual “annoying one” that most JRPGs feature.  The combat is solid, and the plot is engaging.

The writing, however… is baaaaaaaaaaaad.  Again, the plot is good, but the individual scenes and dialogue, which were initially on the appropriate side of cringe-worthy have gone full blown anime-trope in the second half.

Before, during, and after characters engage in battle, the stuff they’re saying basically boils down to Dragon Ball Z power level dick measuring dressed up in pseudo-science.

If that wasn’t eye-roll-y enough, there are plenty of moments that feature lines like:

  • “I know what you’re planning!”
  • “So… you’ve figured out that much at least, have you?”


  • Character does something.
  • “WHOA!  It took me five years to learn that move.”

There are a ton of little bits like this over the course of the game that have become increasingly less silly and cute and “har-de-har-har” and more “please stop already” as the game has gone on.

Now, I’m definitely nitpicking a little.  XB2 is still super fun and I’m having a great time.  I just wish that it would cool it a bit with the tropes.  Stuff like that is basically anime window dressing and at this point, the entire house is made of curtains.