Will write post in the morning!


Didn’t get back home until late last night after watching the Superbowl at Rich’s.





So, for fans of either New York football team, this was not a great game going in as it featured divisional rivals of each; a classic, “rooting for the comet” situation.  That said, this game was an offensive firestorm from start to finish.  The Eagles and Patriots accumulated more yards not just than any other Superbowl, not just any playoff game, but any regular season game as well.

The ball moved more in this game than any NFL game ever.

Maybe there was a preseason game that had more, but the preseason doesn’t really count in this sense.

There was one interception, one fumble, and one punt.

That’s it.

Every other possession was a score of some kind, a missed FG, or the end of the half/game.  Absolutely insane.

Congrats to the Eagles for winning their first Superbowl.

Also… Cap Kingdom… come on Nintendo you just put hats on Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas.