So Madden 20 is really fun!  I feel like I spent just an hour our two with Madden 19 before getting bored, but this year’s version feels… peppier?  I’m not sure how to classify it but I’m having a ton of fun.  Also those new Jets uniforms that I was kind of blah on at first?  Starting to fall in love.  I’ve played a season on rookie difficulty to get back up to speed, so next time I’ll play on… normal.  Get yo popcorn ready.

The site is back up and running properly now, want to extend another big thank you to Bill who is a technical wizard and is a fixer of websites… thank you, Bill!

One more note, I didn’t stream playing Overwatch on Tuesday, but I happened to end up on someone else’s that night.  I was apparently in a bizarre mood, you can hear me saying nonsense in the clip below.  If you haven’t heard my voice before, two things: one, I’m the guy who gets too excited about learning that the fictional Lucio cereal really exists; two, you can hear me be silly online on my twitch when playing games and doodling strips!