Sooooooooooo I was going to make a different strip, but was all like, “hey I want to see the last map of the Dallas Fuel vs. Guangzhou Charge match first, Mickie is in”.

Well… an hour later after the longest pause ever, two different mice, multiple mini pauses, the casters hilariously stalling for time, an actual toy bow and arrow match between a caster and a player from a different team entirely, some extremely awkward interviews with Taimou and uNKOE, a cute interview with Mickie, and multiple commercial breaks…

…they restarted Dallas’ attack phase even though their initial attack had less than a minute remaining.  Questionable officiating aside, it was a riot when Dallas took all three points on the second try to force an extra round on a match that was for all intents and purposes had already been decided.

Another Madden 20 note:  I did the Face of the Franchise mode (basically “create a player”) and was drafted by the Bengals.  You have the ability to demand your release for your team at the conclusion of a season, so I did just that with the expectation that I might be able to land with the Jets.

Weeeeeellllllll… apparently if no team signs you, your career is over and the only remaining option is to retire.

So according to Madden 20, a rookie who just won the Superbowl, League MVP, set passing records, etc… is not worth a contract offer from the 31 other teams in the league.


I mean, I guess in the sense that a rookie technically can’t sign a new deal that quickly, but given that this is a video game you’d think that wouldn’t matter and also, if the Bengals fully granted my release I don’t see how that would be a problem as the rookie contract would no longer apply.  Come on, Madden!