Picked up Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Tuesday and for the most part I’m enjoying it (there was a really annoying backtracking section that made me “ehhhhh” pretty hard).  I played the first one back in the eight grade when the Gamecube came out, but not the second.

It’s fun in the sense that it’s a “my first survival horror” type game: Resident Evil progression with a Mario veneer.  In this case, right down to a segment where you have to find a Diamond, Heart, Club, and Spade key a-la Resident Evil 2.  Even more silly is that the boss of the area is a security guard.  Since Resident Evil 2 took place in the Raccoon City Police Department, I’d be shocked if this wasn’t a fun homage to Leon Kennedy’s first day as a member of the RPD.

The music there also seemed to be a riff on The People’s Court theme, I love it.