Up until yesterday, I did not have much of a relationship with Miss Gaga. I knew who she was, would occasionally hear her songs, etc, but not much else. Anyway, she was making an appearance at my store yesterday, and we had known about this for weeks in advance. My shift was to be 4:30pm to 11:30pm.

I get a call at 11am, still asleep, telling me to get to the store as fast as possible, since they were closing at 7.

At first I was mad at the store for not alerting us to the fact that we were going to be closing sooner. That is… until I found out why we were closing. Apparently Miss Gaga didn’t want a bunch of employees around for safety reasons. I’m pretty sure I didn’t care one bit that she was coming town, and I’m pretty sure no one was planning to risk their jobs/jail by attacking Miss Gaga.

So because this chick suddenly decided that us employees are all dangerous monsters, the store was going to close. Someone might say that the closing was a good thing, as I got out of work earlier than intended. I say that I lost $30 of wages over the ordeal.

Lady Gaga cost me $30. Multi-millionaire Lady Gaga cost me (and a number of other employees) $30.

If Miss Gaga ever happens to read this, I just want you to know that on May 23rd, 2011, you cost a broke-ass retail employee $30, which translates into a month of food.

I had no qualm with you before, but now… fuck you Lady Gaga.