So, Corpse Run is a little over a year old, to which I say, “Neat-O!” Something that only a few people really knows, however, was what life was like when the strip began. My families home had flooded about a month before coming home from college, and the entire house was pretty much destroyed. My room somehow avoided the devastation (neat-o), but became a storage location for everything else in the house. The pics above are the door to my room, and the inside.

Yes, that’s where Corpse Run was initially made. That shithole.

The insurance company put my family into a hotel during the cleanup/renovating, but I decided to stay at home in the mess. I knew I’d be moving out shortly, so I wanted to spend my last days of “childhood” sleeping in my room. Also, I didn’t want to drag my computer stuff to the hotel.

Oddly enough, we found out later from the safety inspector that the house was filled with carbon monoxide while I was in there.

I’ll rephrase that.

For two weeks I lived in a giant capsule of carbon monoxide and didn’t die.

Once again, I suspect gnomes.