Jackie was at her parent’s over the weekend and apparently they were cleaning some stuff out of the house.  Among some of the items were a WW2 knife and dress sword that belonged to her grandfather, which she awesomely brought back to our apartment.

Jackie’s week has almost exclusively revolved around watching Mythbusters and polishing the items.

Oh, and drinking whiskey, but you guys probably already knew that.

Pictured above is the sword, complete with a detail shot of the handle.  In the first image, you might notice a cardboard Rapunzel from Tangled, which was from a store display that I was allowed to take home.

For the last image, I apologize for the blurriness.  I wouldn’t have used that one normally, but it’s here because it was the only picture we had that contained our Christmas tree which, yes, is still up although it’s now the end of March.