So, I suck at drawing hands.

You probably knew that already.

Anyways, my plan was to draw some hands and try to stop sucking at doing so, but then I realized I have no idea what I was doing and headed out to Rich’s.

So far, we’ve played through Gunstar Heroes, a few games of Mario Tennis, Streets of Rage 2, and a few games of NFL Blitz (N64 version).  We’re taking a small break to watch the Yankees/Orioles game, which is currently tied heading into the top of the 12th inning.  I’m not much of a baseball fan, but Rich is a Yankees diehard.

After that, though, MOAR GAMES WILL HAPPEN.

Also, we have tried out “Little Penguin” wine, from south eastern Australia.  It is not nearly as fancy tasting as the distance it traveled to get here would suggest.

Tasty enough, though.