So, Monday didn’t really go the way I planned.

Initially, I was going to play Twilight Imperium with some friends at NYU, but Sunday night I discovered some… little visitors who wanted to make my bed their new home.  Despite the fact that I have a mattress cover designed specifically to keep bed bugs from showing up, they showed up.  All through Sunday night/Monday morning I was flipping mattresses, vacuuming seams, and finding as many of the little bastards as I could.

Around 4 in the morning I finally dozed off to sleep.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel my board game excursion in order to spend the morning and afternoon spraying the heck out of my apartment.  Jackie came back later in the day and invited me to a cookout at our friend George’s.  I figured I could use a break from inhaling chemicals and went along.

Cookouts are neat, but cookouts on the roof are neater.