I caught some of the Extralives Zelda marathon for charity on Friday, which was totally awesome!  They played games while the viewers watched and donated to Free the Children.  One of the viewers commented that if someone drew Tim (one of the Extralives dudes) dressed as Link while finding a key, he’d make a donation, its amount depending on the quality of the picture.

I figured I may as well throw my hat into the ring and see if I could snag a decent donation from the guy.  I posted the pic about twenty minutes after the request went up, and the requester saw it!  Cool!

I figured I helped the charity gain twenty-thirty bucks, so imagine my surprise when the guy donated $300!  Thankyou goes to the mystery man (first name Kevin) who donated the money for the pic!  You’re super neat-o!

If you’d like to see the other fan art submitted to Extralives during the run, check it out here!