Kind of weird doodle for Kat’s Korner today.

So the summer camp that I work at is having a big anniversary shindig this year, and amongst other stuff, there will be a “color war” presentation of some sort.

Color war, by the way, is an event that happens towards the end of the summer… camp split up into two teams… gold and blue… lots of event over the course of three days… big race at the end… lots of camps do it… you get the idea.

Anyways, each team makes a big ol’ banner featuring their team’s color and name to be presented during the middle of the second day, an event that is generally one of the most exciting for the campers.  Neat!

Unfortunately, my camp has been doing color war since the seventies and a lot of the old banners have been lost, and of those, some have no existing photos.

The camp got in touch with a few past and present staff members, myself included, to fill in the gaps.  The above pic is a hastily whipped up banner for the Blue Phantoms!

Go Blue!