Jackie popped her head into my room while I was doodling this, and when I told her it was a “smegmadon” she immediately said something to the effect of, “eww” and headed away.

“Wait!  Let me explain!” I said.

I get the feeling that a lot of the things I say to Jackie start out with, “wait, let me explain.”

Anyway… I mentioned in Monday’s post that while playing NES Jeopardy!, we often added “smegma” to the end of our answers.  Eventually we happened on a category where every response included “ma” and the prompt was, “an ancient elephant type animal.”

I think it was Chris who buzzed in and answered “mammoth.”


Wrong answer.  Jackie, who was there with us, shouted, “oh, it’s mastadon!”

Rich typed in “mastadon smegma,” and lo, the concept of the smegmadon was born.  I told Rich that I’d doodle a smegmadon that night, and I am a man of my word.