1/6/21 Update:

I, like many Americans, spent Wednesday glued to the television in horror watching an attack on our democracy and peaceful transfer of power.  I’m still watching the news in complete disbelief and I don’t have the ability to identify the right words to express how angry, frustrated, and saddened I am to have witnessed what I saw today.

I’ll likely be watching the proceedings late into the night, and due to that the next comic will be on Monday.  To anyone who has a shred of decency in them, condemn the people who attacked the US Constitution and our democracy.  Remember what happened today.  Never forget the criminals in our government who stoked the flames of sedition.  The events of today are on them and they must carry the punishment of forever being known as the men and women who tried to overthrow democracy in the United States.

End Update

Almost done with my FF9 run and did the Chocobo Hot and Cold stuff this time… it is a tedious, frustrating experience.