It’s 2:14am, I haven’t slept at all today, and I’m still pretty beat from Black Friday… none of which is really an adequate explanation for the strangeness you saw above…

On Sundays, I’ll often set one or two TVs to the football games so customers (and myself) can keep an eye on the scores throughout the day. There was, however, one lone middle-aged man (let’s call him Bob) who was bent on throwing a wrench into our weekly tradition.

The guy wanted to view one of the TVs playing the Jets game, but demanded I changed the channel first so he wouldn’t see the score (he was recording it). I figured what the heck, and changed the channel.

Then, the rudeness started. I was with another customer when Bob pulled me away and would not let me go. I asked Bob to wait his turn, but he was having none of it. From that moment on, he was incredibly nasty to me while we were talking, and shooing away other customers who were standing between him and the TVs.

Another employee walked by.

“Hey Alex, where’s the game?”

“Oh I changed the channel, this gentleman here (Bob) is trying to avoid hearing the score so he can watch the replay at home.

“Oh, the score’s 21-21.” Said, the employee.

Bob was furious. I was thrilled.