LIVESTREAM UPDATE:  The last livestream until the end of the summer will be tonight (June 25th) at 10 pm est!  Again, this will be the last one until the end of August!  Be there!

The livestream can be watched here:

You know… if you want to, that is…  I won’t force you…

I don’t really want to put the livestreams on hiatus, but the internet connection at the camp I’ll be working at this summer is barely sufficient to handle one computer at a time, let alone a camp full of them.  Unfortunately, streaming just isn’t feasible while I’m there.

My apologies!

Back to your regularly scheduled content:

This blog post is coming to you live from Richard’s apartment!  I’ve been in Brooklyn all day for a baseball/ultimate frisbee/football outing in Marine Park, which then moved back to Richard’s for a barbecue.  Pretty sweet!

Quick note: this is as accurate a depiction of my bedroom as I’ve ever had in the comic, complete with mattress sporting no sheets, a plastic shelving unit covered in empty cans, and a TV box acting as a nightstand.  Classy stuff!

So I was fortunate enough to go to the movies on Friday to catch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and, I must say, it was an absolute pleasure.  I had been watching Civil War documentaries all last week in preparation and the time invested was totally worth it.  If you haven’t seen it yet and would like to check out what might go down as one of the silliest movies in the history of silliness, I highly recommend checking Abe out.

My story for you today comes not from the movie itself, but from what went down during the credits.  CAUTION:  While this in my opinion is not a spoiler, some might consider it a mild spoiler; you’ve been warned!

In the film’s final scene, Abraham is heading out the door on the way to Ford’s Theater, a fact that, once revealed, generated a knowing groan from the audience.

The screen cut to black, the credits began to roll, and then a man sitting behind me says to his friend, “So… what?  Does Abraham Lincoln, like, die in the theater or something?”

Now…  I understand that you guys are not all American, so if you happen to be from somewhere else and not to know any Abe Lincoln facts, I don’t blame you.

Otherwise… oh my…