I think this is will be the last FFX strip for a while, as I’m just about at the end of my FFX HD Remastered run and likely will spend the bulk of my time playing Overwatch moving forward (despite that impromptu RE4 silliness over the weekend).

A note on Overwatch.  I met up with Lily and Steve tonight, along with a classmate from college that I more or less haven’t seen at all since graduating six years ago.  He’s into Overwatch too and we spent our walk to a restaurant talking about the game and the characters we prefer.

Some guy walking by started yelling something, but since it’s New York that’s a relatively unremarkable thing to happen on the sidewalk so I initially didn’t pay any attention.

…but then I realized what he was yelling.


Ladies and Gents, we will always remember random-sidewalk-guy as a McCree player.