So while watching football last week with Rich, an advertisement for a miniseries about the JonBenet Ramsey case popped up claiming to have some new information and takes on who the real murderer was.

I was a little blown away that people still cared about the case.  I mean, I’d see the occasional tabloid with her picture and a silly headline at the supermarket checkout line from time to time, but it was really surprising to learn that a major broadcast network put together a big production about the case.

I didn’t realize that this year was the 20th anniversary, so… I get it now.

Anyway, I more or less laughed off the idea of there being a big show about her…

…but then I remembered that I’m a sucker for unsolved mystery stuff and love watching crap like that on YouTube when I can’t fall asleep.

I watched the documentary…

…unfortunately there wasn’t really any new information at all, and the panel of experts softly arriving that Burke (the nine year old brother) killing her and the parents covering for him wasn’t some new theory.

If there’s a part of the documentary that I did find incredibly creepy and makes me feel like Burke did do it, it’s the footage they have of his interview a few years after the murder, particularly the part when the interviewer talks about snacks.

Burke mentions a few snacks that he likes, and is eventually led to agree that he likes pineapple, and that his sister liked it too.

Pineapple was found in JonBenet’s digestive tract after the murder.

When the interviewer shows Burke a crime scene photo of the dining room table, there’s a bowl with pineapple and milk on it.  The interviewer asks what Burke thinks it is.

Burke, who had been slouching & fidgeting the entire time suddenly gets really close to inspect the photo and goes, “…oh.”  That “oh” really felt like he knew that the pineapple was significant and that he might have incriminated himself by admitting things about pineapple.  He then went on to misdirect by saying that maybe it was cereal, but the pieces looked big for cereal.

That’s some creepy stuff.

Now, I’ll say despite my love of Phoenix Wright, I’m not a criminology expert.  That said, it certainly felt like he had some kind of guilt he was hiding, and just for a moment he slipped a little in concealing it.

What I can say for sure however, is…

…who the heck eats pineapple in milk.  Seriously, I’m just as baffled as comic Alex is… is that a thing?  Really?  Pineapple in milk?  Wouldn’t the acid in the pineapple make it curdle?  Am I crazy?