My recent Skyrim run (though still in its infancy) has been super duper fun so far.  I’m forcing myself to be a magician, which I’ve never done in the Elder Scrolls before, I’m generally a sneaky archer or a bash the thing until it loses enough blood to stop living kind of player.

Hoping to get some more Skyrim strips as time goes on.

As anyone who saw either Friday’s RE7 (which continues to be amazing) stream or the doodle stream Sunday morning has noticed, I shaved my beard.  I wasn’t big or anything like I’ve had it in the past, but it was large enough that eating was getting annoying, so off it went.

The rule of shaving is this – if you shave off your beard, you must take some pics along the way.  There weren’t any great shots or style this time, but every time I get to having just a moustache, I am compelled to think…