So like I was all hyped on the Canon R5, but apparently it has overheating issues significant enough that even brand ambassadors are bringing it up in their preview videos.  Canon released some documentation stating that if you’re using the camera in 8K, 4K 120, 4K 60, and 4K 30 (oversampled), the camera will overheat and that it will need time to cool down before using again.

This is a camera that they were pushing as a small body 8K machine.

Now, there are a lot of folks who are on camera forums stating things like “well duh it was going to have heating issues” and “who needs to shoot for more than twenty minutes at a time anyway?”

Well… I do, cause I was intending to use this to shoot interviews and events at work.  If the premiere features of your camera cannot be relied on, then the camera should not be advertised as having those features.  If you bought tires for your car that were the world’s best tires, but after twenty minutes they explode, you wouldn’t call those tires amazing.

Finally, Canon suggesting that people blow a fan on the camera to help it stay cool… I mean, that’s kind of insulting to your customers, isn’t it?  If you’re charging four thousand dollars for what is being advertised as professional equipment, it’s beyond the pale to tell them to blow a fan on it to solve a problem that they knew existed and couldn’t fix.  If the thing cannot handle those 8K and 4K modes, don’t advertise them as features.  Come on, bro.