So Jackie has been off on vacation visiting our friend Cynthia in St. Thomas for the past two weeks, and just got in a few days ago. Amongst the stuff she brought back with her (crazy tan included), were these awesome gifts.

We have two bottles of “Jerome’s Hot Sauce,” a special sauce made only in St. Thomas… presumably by a guy named Jerome. The sauce is the perfect mix of sweetness and spice, and will be flavoring just about everything I eat for the forseeable future.

The object in the middle was a little harder for me to figure out, which was understandable because I had never seen something so awesome before. It’s a mini rum cart. Yes, you read that right, a RUM CART!! The cart comes complete with fully functioning wheels, two shot glasses, and a bottle for holding your rum of choice. I plan to use this magical device as soon as possible.

Also included were some cups from The Dog House Pub in St. Thomas, where the aforementioned Cynthia works. If you are ever visiting the Virgin Islands, make sure to stop by her pub!

Finally, one little story about how lazy I can be when no one else is around. Jackie and I have a Christmas tree stand from the holidays, which is normal, except for the fact that we have nowhere to put it during the year due to lack of space.

The tree stand therefore rests in the shower, and is temporarily moved to the bathroom floor when the shower is in use. The bathroom itself is about 3-4 feet wide, so essentially the stand takes up a good part of the room. While Jackie was out, I was unable to muster up the strength to put the stand back in the shower every day, causing me to play footsie with it every time I had to use the toilet.

Sometimes I swear I’m the laziest person on the planet, but now Jackie is back, and I am much more motivated!! Huzzah!

Seriously though, best roommate ever.