In the last KK update, I started off by saying that Rich asked me to go to a ballgame. Well, here’s the story!

I’m not too much of a baseball fan, but I’ve gotta admit, this game had it all: crazy errors, home runs, two ejections (the pic above is the catcher walking off after being thrown out of the game), etc. The crowd, which was pretty roudy to begin with, turned rabid as that game went on due to numerous blown calls by the officials that literally had people screaming at the top of their lungs…

at a minor league game.

Anyways, one of my greatest fears at those games is being struck by a fly ball or broken bat. We were sitting behind the batters box, so I rejoiced that we had the netting protecting us.

Doesn’t matter, said Richard, a fly ball can still get you, either by coming straight down, or by ricocheting off the press box and coming from behind. Eventually, a fly ball was popped up, but wasn’t heading in our direction. However, it bounced, popped up again, and was now heading straight for me.

I yelled at the top of my lungs, “OH GOD IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!” and did some combination of using my noodle arms to cover my head, ducking, and shaking.

The ball landed two seats away.

Well… better safe than sorry, right?