So it was my birthday yesterday, and I’m generally not a fan of those things, but today was something else entirely.  First off, I got a ton of awesome cards from friends and family which made my day.

Second, while I was uploading the daily photos to the camp’s website, I was called into the gym to set up the projector for the counselors.  The entire staff was sitting staring at a blank screen waiting to see a movie.  I quickly got the projector running, and started walking back to the photo room to finish work for the day.

Then everyone started yelling at me to turn around.

Up on the screen wasn’t a movie, but a slideshow of a bunch of old photos of me over the years at camp.

I was duped.

I also started bawling like a baby.  Once it was finished I was presented with a jumbo card and a fifty-something person group hug.

The bawling continued, and I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it while I type.

I just wanted to give a shoutout to Kristiyan and Shant for organizing all that.  You guys rock.